Welcome to Birchwood Plants online catalogue 2017

This website contains an on-line version of our catalogue. To search the catalogue alphabetically, select the 'alphabetical catalogue' above and then select the letter to view plant lists. You can also search by category, (top right of page) which we hope is a useful feature.

We are delighted to say that we introduced the plant Geranium nodosum Silverwood, which we propagate ourselves (no micropropping!) and sell totally in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Research. We also introduced Geranium phaeum Mottisfont Rose.

Recent additions to our catalogue:

Various primulae - Strong Beer, McWatt's Cream, warschenewskiana

Allium przewalskianum

Androsace sarmentosa watkinsii

Lunaria annua Chedglow

Chrysanthemum Daniel Cooper

Geranium sanguineum Little Bead

Lavandula angustifolia Little Lady

Mukdenia rossii Karasuba

Melittis melissophyllum

Geranium Little Gem

Fuchsia thymifolia

Aeonium goochiae Ballerina

How to contact us

Please feel free to call or email with enquiries and we will happily respond.

Telephone: 01794 502192 or 07874678175. For email see below.

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